Voter Registration

India is very well known for its largest democracy in the entire world.

Do Online Voter Registration

India is very well known for its largest democracy in the entire world. Every democracy is supposed to be in favor of their citizen when right to vote and use of authorization by the eligible citizen are at the major concern of the democracy. As the people of India has a power to exercise their right to vote in a way to shape their future, the best in practice through choosing by ballot of their own representatives, who can effectively operate the government directed towards growth, benefits and development for all citizens.

Voter registration in India is arranged and taken care by election commission, which organizes the electoral rolls through a procedure of intensive revision in which home-to-home registration is prepared  and each individual residing in house are registered as elector by the official enumerators. These official enumerators use to go door-to-door to gather the information about voters. These processes are done normally once in a five year but one summary revision is also performed every year for the specific person who remained unsubscribed under the voter list. Such an individual are facilitated to enroll them by applying through form-6 during the summary revision. Under this revision one can ask to delete their name from the voter list of previously residing area of the elector as well and can let it enrolled at the voter list of new place in case of shifting. Registration of one candidate at more than one place or voter list is an offense and should be tolerated in a way to retain their right to vote. Likewise, deletion of electoral name from voter list on leaving the area, death is also very important in a way to eliminate the chances of misuse of electoral voting.

However, most of the people may remain untouched even after arranging such repetitive surveys by election commission because of various reasons. For such candidates, election commission has made a arrangement of E-registration or online voter registration. Through this candidate can register himself/herself by their own convenience and at any point of time as well. Election commission has designed this registration procedure in such a way that anyone can easily accomplish their registration online without seeking any complicated issues.